VIP Chef Service

Looking to impress your VIPs at your next event? At Me & Pantry, we aim to provide the most luxurious dining experience, so that you can stress less and focus on business and/or enjoying the company of your guests. Me & Pantry is highly specialised in this area, and we are confident that you will love what will be served to you.


No two events will have the same menu, as our head chef, N.J. Lim, will consult you directly, and prepare meals specially planned and made to suit your event and guests.


Want to scintillate your palate through a gastronomical journey of specially made dishes served by a top class chef? Then Me & Pantry is the answer to fulfill your expectations and more. We can even customise and create based on the style of dishes, cuisine or ingredients you have in mind. 

Super Yacht Chef

Me & Pantry caters for all events, on both land and sea! Make your next yacht trip or event even more memorable by letting us use our talent and experience to provide you with the best meals you will never be able to experience elsewhere. 

Event Planning

Me & Pantry helps you plan and organise your special events by providing luxurious dining experiences that everyone and anyone will be pleased with. No matter what event, Me & Pantry will create the greatest menu and serve it to you and your guests with care and passion. On top of the meals, we can also provide event styling to match the theme of the event you are planning, as we have close partnerships with those who are highly talented and experienced in the field. Make things simple by contacting us!

Chef's Table

Me & Pantry creates truly special meals by carefully considering the ingredients we use. We source the finest ingredients from far and wide combined with the freshest local produce to serve you unique and delectable meals. Please feel free to consult which meals or food can be magically created with Me & Pantry – we are always open to discussions.

Corporate Catering

Do you need a catering service for your customers or employees in a corporate environment? Me & Pantry can help you provide high quality, healthy meals made of the best ingredients. We offer a wide variety of food and cuisines that you can choose from for your business, such Japanese, Mexican, Italian etc. Please discuss the menu with us and feel free to let us know what you have in mind.

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